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Spring Term 2018/2019 after school clubs will commence

Monday 14th January 2019 and will run until Friday 29th March 2019


Clubs will run from 3.30pm until 4.30pm with exception to French Club which will finish at 4.15pm and Pottery Club at 4.20pm. Please collect your children on time.


Monday Clubs: Football Yr3 & 4, Gymnastics Yr1 - 6, French, Steel Pans Yr3/4/5/6

Tuesday Clubs: Football Yr5 & 6

Wednesday Clubs: Pottery Club Y5+6, Girls’ Football - Yr3/4/5/6, Basketball - Yr3/4/5/6

Thursday Clubs: Football Yr1 & 2, Dance Yr3/4/5/6, Art Club

Friday Clubs: Dance Yr1 & 2, Karate (Elkai Karate) Yr1 to Yr6 - please contact Michael on 07770503254 for registration and further information


Letters to apply for Summer Term 2018/2019 after school clubs will be sent out w/c 4th March 2019.