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Monthly Maths Challenge


Have a go at Mrs Attia's monthly challenge.

Record your working out and solution on paper and hand into Mrs Attia. Have fun and good luck!

June  Challenge Winner:  Sami  3OT - well done.


July Maths Challenge

A teacher bought some sweets. Half of the sweets were shared equally among 8 boys.

The other half of the sweets were shared equally among 12 girls. If 2 boys and 3 girls received 12 sweets altogether.


 A) How many sweets did the teacher buy?


B) How many sweets did each boy received?

Summer Holiday Maths Challenge


Tom and Ami have agreed to work for their mum over the summer holidays (40 days, 28 working days)

Tom will get £10 for the first day he works and £2.00 more for every day he works after that.

Ami will get 1p for the first day she works, but for each day she works from then on her pay will be doubled.

Who would you rather be and why?