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Dear Parent/Carer


We are doing a whole school writing project based on the story ‘The Matchbox Diary’. This is a lovely picture book about an old man who keeps a ‘diary’ in the form of collecting objects in matchboxes. Each object triggers a memory helping him to remember key events and significant moments which tell the story of his life.

Your child has brought home a blank and empty matchbox today. We would like the children to fill the matchbox with an object/picture/photo which represents an important time or precious memory in their life which they would then use to inspire their writing.


Children can decorate their box but must make sure the box is clearly named (it would also be useful to include their class name on the box) for when they bring it back to school.


We would love it if other members of your family wish to take part by filling in their own matchbox. Please send it in (clearly labelled) with your child with the story behind it. Any sent in could be used to make a display. Please speak to your class teacher if you would prefer to come in and support in any other way.


Work produced at the end of this project will be displayed on the whole school writing wall at the end of the term.

Please DO NOT send in anything of value – a drawing or photograph etc would be sufficient.


Your matchbox could include some examples such as:


A ticket stub from a concert/football match/zoo

A bus/train/plane ticket

A button

An old coin

A marble

A tooth

Photo of a special event – party, holiday etc


Please bring the matchbox back to school by 16th March 2018.


Thank you for your support.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Anterkyi