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Week beginning 20/4/2020


Learning objective: To learn about the works of an Australian Aboriginal artist.


New vocabulary that will need to be explained: 






geometric art

earth colours



We are going to be focusing on Aboriginal dot art in the next few weeks. 

Explore Aborigines– who are they, where do they live, their art (;  

Explain that Aborigines used paintings to tell their stories.

Explore some aboriginal geometrical style (using dots and circles) art work (google 'Aboriginal dot paintings') and discuss colours and symbols.


Introduce an artist- Dorothy Napangardi.  Watch a video: 

  • Dorothy Napangardi is an artist who uses paints, chalk and many other materials to create her artwork.
  • She has an indigenous/aboriginal background and grew up in an area called Alice Springs.
  • Dorothy became an artist because she enjoyed art and wanted to express where she was from and how she felt.
  • During the time Dorothy started painting, only Aboriginal men were usually artists and they did not want women to be artists.
  • Many women communities decided to stand together and began to create paintings in the 1990’s.
  • Dorothy Napargandi then became an artists and she has won many awards for her interesting and beautiful art.


Look at the painting of the term–Mina Mina (below). Who painted it? What colours do you see? What do you think the painting is about?

Mina Mina painting is a story of the waterholes in the Northern Territory in Australia. What are waterholes? Why do you think they were important?


Pupil activity

Ask children to focus on different parts of the 'Beyond Mina Mina' painting by Dorothy Napangardi. Which symbols can they see, which colours and shapes? Children draw those symbols using dotting technique (you can watch another video that focuses on dotting technique here ).  Use paint and fingers in you have paint at home. If not children can draw with oil pastels, crayons or, alternatively, colouring pencils. Make sure you use earthy colours!


Don't forget to send us pictures of your artwork on Dojo or on our emails!

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