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How did Aboriginal people make paint?


Aborigines used to make their own paint from clay and rocks. That is why the colours they used in their paintings were earthy colours.


Aboriginal people obtained red, orange, dark purple, brown and orange from grinding ochre to a powder. Ochre was found naturally in iron-stained rocks, which would give it the reddish tones. Yellow was obtained by mixing clay or collecting pebbles that contained limonite. White came from kaolin, or even from white clay.


Can you look these rocks up on Google - ochre, limonite, kaolin and white clay? What can you see? 


This week we would like you to make your own paint using natural resources. You can use berries, spices, flour, or even clay if you have some at home! Here are some ideas:


Once you have your paint ready use the dotting technique to fill out the outline (my aboriginal dot painting). Have fun!