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Big Maths songs and games

Off screen activity: Get twenty pasta pieces and try different subtraction sentences from 0-20. E.g. 11 - 6 = 5 Have 11 pasta pieces and take away 6 pasta pieces. Count how many you have left!

Use the 100 number square to practise counting backwards from a given number. E.g. start at 11 and count back to 8. Write out the number sentences.

Subtract Within 10 Using Ten Frame Models for Common Core

You will find this lesson and related practice sets and more at in the Topic Progressions. Choose Subtract Basic Facts. Learn ho...

Counting in 2s | Song of Twos | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Song of Twos", a skip counting song for young children. The music has a distinctly 1960s style, with beautiful, melodic verses ...

Count by fives | Skip counting songs | The Singing Walrus

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Count by 10's Count by 10 | Count to 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann

Skip Counting Forward and Back is an educational song that focuses on skip counting by 10's to 100 and then skip counting down from 100 to 0.The upbeat fun C...