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Computing Learning -  week 1

This week we are learning to give simple instructions to control a device. One of the activities is giving instructions to a small robot called 'Bee-bots'. As our real Bee-bots are at school, we are going to practise using Bee-bots on an app which you can download following the links below or type Bee-bots into the app store (apple devices) or GooglePlay (android devices). 


For iphones, ipads and macs

For androids -



What your child will know by the end of their learning: 

I will be able to instruct a robot to make simple moves - forwards, backwards, left, right. 


Special vocabulary: Instructions, forwards, backwards, left turn, right turn, sequence



  • Direction card
  • Bee-Bot app
  • Robot mats
  • Small object for robot mats.



Activity 1: learning directions

  • Look at the direction card. Can you move in these different directions? Can you get a toy and move the toy in different directions? 
  • Adult calls out different directions and the child(ren) move one step in that direction. 


Activity 2: Robot mats

  • Using the robot mat templates below, begin on start/landmark and get your child to finish on different places on the mat using the correct directions. For example, to get from start to the treasure chest it could be - right, right, right, forward, forward, forward. 
  • Use a small object/toy so your child can physically move the object along. 
  • Get them to write down their set of instructions using arrows. ➡️➡️➡️⬆️⬆️⬆️GO
  • Do as many as you think is needed. 3-5 different instructions is a good goal. 


Activity 3: Putting your learning into practise on the Bee-bot app. 

  • Download the Bee-bot app using the instructions above. 
  • Click on start and choose 'Garden'.
  • Do levels 1-6. Remember to choose your instructions in the correct order and then click GO so your Bee-bot moves to its final space. 



Have fun! 😄

Robot mats

Learning Resources

Learning Resources 1
Learning Resources 2
Learning Resources 3

Bee-bot app step-by-step

Bee-bot app step-by-step 1
Bee-bot app step-by-step 2
Bee-bot app step-by-step 3
Bee-bot app step-by-step 4