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Computing Learning -  week 5


This week we are using our continuing our learning about coding. Code is a special language to program computers. We will be using Espresso Coding for our lesson. 


What your child will know by the end of their learning: 

I can write code to program two cars towards each other when my app starts.


Special vocabulary: 

click, start, code icon, object, action, start event, click event



Espresso coding 



Follow the link below and login to Espresso coding using our normal espresso login - 

username: student21101   password: school

Please make sure to click espresso coding not espresso coding 2.0. Please see step by step guidance below.


Once you are logged in, go to Unit 1b, and do lesson 4 - Emergency!

There are 5 steps. Each step has a video tutorial of what to do and builds up after each step. 



Have fun! 😄

Success criteria for this lesson

Success criteria for this lesson 1