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Computing Learning -  week 4


What your child will know by the end of their learning: 

I can create a simple design. 


Special vocabulary: 

Characters, costumes, insert, text, speech bubbles



Busy Things login

Busy Things website

Activity on Busy things - Dressing up box



Activity 1: Adding a character to the Goldilocks story

Today you are going to add a character to the Goldilocks story. 

Access the dressing up box activity on Busy Things and navigate around the activity until your grasp how to create your character. 

1. Login

2. Click on key Stage 1

3. Click on year 1

4. Click on English

5. Click on Comprehension

6. Scroll to the bottom and click on Traditional tales: Dressing up box

Add text to your character explaining why you have chosen to make your character like this and how they fit the story of Goldilocks. You can also try to add a speech bubble to your character.  


Activity 2: Making a list of your character's costume 

Type out a list of everything your character is wearing on a word document or as a message on ClassDojo. Remember to use your phonics. You can also say why you have chosen certain items as part of your character's costume.