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Creative Curriculum

Can you find any real mini-beasts near your house and garden?

Look at pictures of mini-beasts on the internet: worms, spiders, bees, ladybirds, etc. Use this link ‘discovery education’ (Username: student21101 Password: school) – choose pet detective and start your activities. The whole lesson is ready for you.


Look at them very carefully...

  • How many legs do they have? 
  • Do they have wings?  
  • What do their mouths look like? 
  • How many eyes do they have?
  • What colours are they?


When you have looked carefully, try to draw exactly what you see.  If you have paints you can paint some of them.  


Talk about what plants need to grow

Look at seeds.

Use seeds from different fruits or if you have seeds to plant in your garden use them.

Place your seed or bean on a wet cloth and make sure that it has enough light and water.

After a few days, see what is happening. Take a picture of the changes.



You can put one seed in a dark room and one seed in a bright room.  Look at what's different between the seed which was receiving enough light and water and the seed placed in the dark with enough water.