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Monday 6th July 2020


Happy Monday! We hope that you enjoyed the weekend. So far, we have read three of Aesop’s fables. This week we are going to read two more. Today’s story is called The Ant and the Grasshopper. Click on the link below to listen to the story and then try as many of the activities as you can. All the books that we have read since school closed are in a folder below called Books and Activities. Check to see if there are any that you have missed!


We have chosen 7 spelling words for you. They all have a split digraph (a-e, e-e. i-e. o-e. u-e). Remember to practise writing them every day and then get someone to read them out to you for a spelling test on Friday. These are the words:

line, race, woke, home, time, while, outside

Try to write each word in a sentence in your book too. Use a dictionary or Google to find out the meaning of any new words.


Check back on Wednesday for a new message, and a story about a race.


Best wishes,

Ms Richards and Ms Jess

The Ant and the Grasshopper activities

Welcome to the EAL area


Whilst the school remains closed, please check this area for support and activities for children who are learning English. 


You can download the learning packs given out if you need to, below. 


We will be updating this area regularly, adding web links and activity ideas. 


If you need to contact us, please send us an email via the email address below Monday-Friday between 8:45am and 3:15pm and we will aim to respond as soon as possible (please note that we will only respond between the hours of 8:45am and 3:15pm).


Stay safe, aim to work on some of your pack activities each day and read, read, read! 


We look forward to seeing you as soon as we are all back at school.


Ms Richards and Ms Jess