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Easter projects

 Below are a few projects you can do at home over the Easter break. Take pictures and share your learning with us on ClassDojo. We look forward to seeing your work! 



Subject              Activity                 What you will need

This term we have been learning about trains. 

Make an information book with at least 6 trains. 

You can research information and use the information

in the link below. Be as creative as you like! Make sure your information book has

a front cover, a contents page, train diagrams and an index page. 


Write about a journey you had on a train. What was it like?

How did you feel? Where did it take you? What type of train was it?

What was inside the train? Can you describe the inside and outside of the train?


Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your writing and don't forget your phonics!

Paper made into a booklet

staples/tape/glue (if you like)



diagrams of trains (these can be drawn)


Make a Easter Egg number line to 50. 

Practise counting forwards and backwards, in 2s, 5s  and 10s. 


Using rice or water, fill up different containers you have in your house. 

Can you make the container:

Full, empty, half full, more than/less than half full. 

Make 3 different containers full - do they all have the same capacity?



pencils tape







This term (and next half term) we have been learning about animals.

Make a skeleton of any animal you like out of junk materials.

Have a look at the skeletons we created at school to help you (link below)


junk materials e.g. toilet rolls :-), cereal boxes, cartons




Paint or make a spring tree. Include spring blossoms and new life. 

If you can, get some real spring flowers to put on your spring tree.

See previous trees we have done in school below. 


Make your own moving toys. Use the ideas below to help you. Can you have a puppet show with your moving toys?



craft paper if possible

spring objects 


colours etc


Have an Easter Egg hunt in your home. You can make pretend Easter Eggs out of junk materials. Can you make a map of your journey to find the Easter Eggs?


Balance an object on your head for 10 seconds. Increase the time every day by 5 seconds. To challenge yourself: try balancing on one leg or moving around a room with the object on your head. 



Pretend Easter Eggs

Paper to draw maps

Objects to balance!


English resources
Science previous examples