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English - Zoom info video on ClassDojo today!

Today's lesson is a follow up from our learning yesterday where we looked at endangered animals. 


Activity for today

1. Read the information about endangered animals from yesterday and listen/read the story Oi! Get off our train again. 

2. Look at the animal you focused on yesterday as part of your activity and recall why the animal is endangered. 

3. Think of and say 3 things humans could do to help this animal. 

4. Write down the 3 different ways you have thought about that could help this endangered animal. Make sure you write in full sentences.


Challenge: Design a poster explaining how we can help an endangered animal to stop being endangered. It would be great to see your posters so we can share them with everyone in Year 1!



We want to help the environment so please do not print the activity sheet and write out your activity in your home learning book. laugh

Oi! Get Off Our Train video story