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English - zoom teaching available on ClassDojo today!

Today in English we are going to begin making our own version of Oi! Get off our Train by John Burningham


The story has a focus on animals that are endangered. Do you know what this means?


If an animal is endangered it means that there are only a few of them left in the world and their is a risk that they could all become extinct.

Extinct means when an animal/plant no longer exists in our world.


Activity for today

1. Watch the teaching video on ClassDojo 

2. Create the front cover of your Oi! Get off the train book

3. Add the carriages to your book which will be the different pages.


Remember: your front cover should include a title, author/illustrator name and illustrations. Use the sound mats in this folder to help you with your sounding out. 


We want to help the environment so please do not print and use paper from your home learning book instead smiley

Sound mats - use the sounds on the mats to help you with your writing