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Expressive arts and design

Our focus work of art this half-term is The Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso.

Look at the picture.

Talk about it:

What can you see?

What instruments are they playing?

Can you see the dog?

What colours did Picasso use?

Do you like the painting?



You can print out a picture of Picasso’s 3 Musicians to colour here:

or you can try and draw or paint it yourself!

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a very famous modern artist who changed the way people thought about art.  He was born in 1881.  He painted thousands of pictures during his life in different styles.  He started painting when he was very young and continued till he was over 90 years old.  He died in 1973.

He painted The Three Musicians a hundred years ago this year but it is still a very modern picture.

Look at some works of art by Pablo Picasso and find out a bit about him here:


We are thinking about music.  What is your favourite instrument?  How do you play it? (Do you blow it? Hit it? Strum it?)  What does it sound like?

Draw or paint a picture of your favourite instrument.