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Friday 1st May

Morning Activity 

You should all receive an email at some point on Friday morning with a password for Google Classrooms.

-This is where Maths and English lessons will be found from Monday next week. 

-Today, practise logging in, opening the 'Welcome Activity' and completing it. You can do this by:

  • Writing your answers on paper and uploading a photo to GC
  • Editing the word document version below and uploading the file to GC

Try and do this either today or over the weekend so we can see how many of our wonderful students are able to login. 

English: I can retell a story

-Rewatch Part 2 of the Tempest below.
Create a storyboard and then retell your story using powerful vocabulary and fronted adverbials to enhance your writing 



Tempest part 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Take a deep breath and take on the A-Z fitness challenge!


















-Login to Espresso using the following details: username: student21101 password: school
-Click the second box 'Discovery Education Coding' 

-Go to Unit 5A Lesson 1- Faster and Slower

-Like we do in class, make your way through steps 1-6, watching the videos carefully before having a go yourself. 


Extra Activity 


Spelling- silent letters

Find a definition from each word and use them in a sentence then get a member of your house hold to test you at the end of the day. 


Playwright, wrapper, knack, knead, conscious, abscess, aplomb, mortgage, fasten, castle



Brain Booster:
If dogs had a country all to themselves, what would be the words to their national anthem?