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This week we are going to be learning about different Australian landmarks. What is a landmark? What landmarks do we have in our local area? In London?  e.g. Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben?

Go through different landmarks (PowerPoint) and talk about how similar/different they are from those that we might have in the UK (Stonehenge/Uluru; Bondi Beach/Jurassic Coast). What makes these landmarks special? What physical features can you see?

e.g. Great Barrier reef- it is full of beautiful sea creatures and fish. It is one of the largest coral reefs.

Found on east coast Sydney Opera House-where shows and opera are performed here.

Sydney Harbour Bridge- a large bridge in Sydney.

Uluru/Ayres Rock-one of the oldest rocks in Australia, found in the Northern Territory.


Plot the different Australian landmarks on the map of Australia. You might want to use Google to find out where exactly they are located.