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Use of suffixes -ly to turn adjectives into adverbs

An adjective is a word that describes a noun eg the green car

An adverb modifies the verb and describes how it is done eg she talked quietly

If you add ly to an adjective you can make an adverb.

Watch the adding ly to make adverbs powerpoint

Grammar task

Turning Adjectives into Adverbs

Write the adverb form of the adjective provided in the bracket to fill the blank and complete the sentence. 

1. She accepted the gift ________________________ (happy)


2. She rang the police ___________________ after the accident. (angry)


3. He read the book without difficulty. He read the book ___________ (easy)


4. The dog ____________________ watched the cat from behind the fence. (sleep)  


5.  We ___________________ boarded the bus after our long flight.  



6. He paced  ____________  as he waited for the results of his test. (anxious)


7. She was ____________ as talented as him, if not more so. (equal)


8. He ______________ let the dog off the leash. (foolish)


9. She draped the scarf _________________ around her shoulders. (loose)


10. She checked her email ___________________ for updates. (regular)



Can you think of some different adverbs and write them in a sentence?