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This half term we would have been going on a trip to Kew Gardens where we would visit Marianne North's Gallery. This week I would like you to watch two videos about Marianne North and to draw three pictures that represent important moments in her life (e.g. you can draw a boat to represent Marianne traveling to different countries). Under your pictures write a sentence or two to explain what is happening in your picture. 

You can find the videos here:



Then, have a look at the paintings in the Marianne North Gallery here:



We are going to focus on Marianne North's painting 'Foliage, Flowers and Fruit of a Queensland Tree, and Black Cockatoo', which she painted in Australia. I would like you to observe the painting closely and tell someone in your family what you can see in the picture. What colours did Marianne use? Where in Australia do you think she would have seen the Black Cockatoo? In the city, desert, rainforest? Can you find out where in Australia Black Cockatoos live?