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Learning for week beginning. Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Year One! Well done for all your amazing work last week.

Thank-you for sending us photos of your hard work on ClassDojo or our emails.

This is a 4 day week as Friday is an inset day. 

Here is our learning for the week: 


1. Read at least one book on Bug Club each day 


2. Log on to Maths Whizz and do 30 minutes each day 


3.For PE, join Joe Wicks on YouTube every morning at 9am for a fun morning work out


4. MyMaths homework this week is 2 revision tasks - Counting on and back and Odds, evens and multiples. This is due on Thursday 21st May


5. We have new learning resources when you log into Bugclub. Please do the Grammar and Spelling tasks 'adding -s and -es'. Also, click on MathsFactor and have a go at some of the fun activities. Please let us know how you get on. 


All other activities are in the folders below so please have a look. 

Remember that you can always change the tasks and adapt them to suit however you are able to access them from home. 

Please send us pictures of the learning you have done on ClassDojo or by email.

We will be giving Dojo points throughout the week and we will announce winners on our ClassDojo stories on Thursday 21st May.


Have a fantastic week everyone!