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Learning for Week beginning Monday 4th May

Dear Parents,

For those of you who didn't realise we had this until recently, Hello!


When working through an activity with your child, it would be great if they could write the answers. If this proves challenging go through the questions together and they should tell you the answers. Each activity should take no more than 30 minutes. We appreciate some of you are working, juggling working from home and home schooling, and resourcing may be an issue at times so do what is manageable for you.


Everyone else you did a fantastic job with last week's learning! Please remember to work from the screen where possible. There should be no need to print.


This week is a four day week. Friday is a bank holiday


For those of you who have requested a temporary Maths Whizz account, thank you for logging on regularly. If you haven’t logged on yet please do. If we find these accounts are not used, the account might be closed and offered to someone else.


Thank you for your support


The Year Two team

Word of the week - swamp



an area of land of very wet, soft land.



Swamps are forested wetlands. They are often found near rivers or lakes

Describe the swamp