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Week 1

Our D and T topic is textiles

Week 1 LO: I can explain what a wall hanging is

Show them an example of a wall hanging. (If you have one at home that you could use that would be better, if possible let them hold it and feel it) 


and ask questions - what it is? what do you do with it? who is it for? what can see on it? what do they think of it?

Draw their attention to the detail –

Go through wall hangings powerpoint





Key knowledge from powerpoint

  • Today, people still use wall hangings as a way to decorate homes and businesses.
  • Wall hangings can have more than one purpose – to be both decorative and functional eg keeping in warmth. [They could be rolled up and moved around thus making them very practical as they were easily transportable]
  • Wall hangings come in many different shapes, forms and sizes and are made of many different materials.  Wall hangings can be a textile collage
  • These decorations have a rich history and can be traced to before the 13th century, largely in the form of tapestries.  [During the medieval era, wall hangings were popular with kings and nobility. Wall tapestries were used in castles and churches. Wall tapestries are woven wall hangings that depict a scene or famous painting. Unique and beautiful designs of images or patterns were implemented into the rich fabric to make the wall hangings. They initially depicted scenes of special events eg historical battles or religious scenes].


Choose a wall hanging from the pictures





Draw the wall hanging onto your paper or you can print and stick.

Then answer these questions

what is this?

what do you do with it?

what do you see?

what do you think of it?

which materials have been used to make it?

Use the word bank to help