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Week 1

Our topic is changing me. This week we are looking at life cycles in nature

Week 1 LO: I can recognise life cycles in nature

Look at the pictures showing seasonal changes.






Ask them to think about how they feel about the seasons changing and to tell you some ideas.

Ask them if they have any control over the changing seasons. Make the point that some things happen and change around us that we are unable to control, e.g. the seasons change, our bodies change. Using  a toy as the talking object ask them how they feel about changes they can’t control.

How do things around us change? What does change feel like?


Look at  different lifecycle images.



Ask them to think about what life cycles they can see in the pictures. Check they know what a lifecycle is and how things grow and change from a baby to an adult. Ask them to think about how their bodies might change and to share this with you about how this feels e.g. exciting, scary, strange, etc. Share some ideas and reinforce the learning that things around us do change and that is OK.


Ask them to choose one life cycle from the images and to draw the egg/baby/seed/infant and how it changes to become an adult or fully grown.

Ask them to label their pictures and write a sentence to describe the changes.