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Week 1

Week 1 LO: Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content

Play the ‘yes no’ game where you think of an animal or person they have to ask questions to find out who/what it is

Discuss what sorts of questions were more successful in helping narrow down the identity of the ‘secret person or object?

Tell them they are going to sort some animals into groups

Look at the pictures







Then show them the minibeast example branching diagram


and click play

(The log in details for London grid for learning are in your reading record

If you are unable to get on please email your class teacher)

Explain they have to help identify one of the minibeasts – and that the options are the minibeast in the pictures bee, fly, butterfly, ladybird, spider, stick insect, woodlouse, caterpillar slug, snail, ant, dragonfly or grasshopper

Ask them to choose one of the minibeasts but not to tell you

Ask them to go through the branch diagram to indicate yes or no

If the questions have been answered correctly the program should reveal the minibeast chosen


Practise this with other minibeasts