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Lesson 1

The Snail and the Whale 


The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animal's viewpoint

LO: I can talk about a story and make predictions.


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria 

Spelling and grammar recap: using the prefix - un

Can you try and use this in speech?


Use day 1 pdf with plan 


1. Show the image of the front cover of the book and ask children to look at the picture.

2. Discuss what they can see

3. Encourage children to make a prediction with questions (see next column) 

4. Read the story up to the following part: when the whale says, ‘Come sail with me’.

5. Key questions to ask: (see next column) 

6. Draw a story map of the start of the story – up to when the whale says ‘come sail with me’.

7. Continue reading the story and stop when the whale is beached. Ask the children to predict what will happen next, focusing on the snail’s decisions and choices.

What could the snail do to help the whale? 

Why was he so determined to help? 

What would you do if you were the snail? 

How do you think will the story end? 

8. Read to the end of the story.






What do you think will happen in this story? 

If the characters/animals were speaking what might they be saying? 

Where do you think the creatures are in this picture?

Does this remind you of any other stories you know?


Key questions: 

Should he have gone with the whale? Would you go if you were him?

What would the other snails have said to him?


I can listen to the story.


I can predict what may happen next.


I can say what may happen next based on what has already happened.