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Lesson 1

The Snail and the Whale 



The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animals viewpoint

LO: I can describe a scene 


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria 

Spelling and grammar –compound words

Can you try and use this in speech?


Use day 1 pdf with plan 

1. Reread the first few pages to the children until the point when the whale appears. 


2. Ask the children to close their eyes and visualise the scene the whale describes: 

‘Who sang to the whale a wonderful song 

Of shimmering ice and coral caves 

And shooting stars and enormous waves.’ 


3. Give the children prompts by asking questions: (See next columns)

Encourage use of descriptive vocabulary. 

"You might see some big blue waves," 

Adult: "Would they be rolling waves or enormous, rolling waves?" 


4. Model drawing and describing scene, orally rehearsing before writing, considering spelling and punctuation. 


5. Demonstrate how to use some of the descriptive vocabularies the children have selected in their oral descriptions. 


6. Encourage children to revisit writing to check that it makes sense

Create a word bank together




Children to draw and describe this scene and annotate with adjectives and nouns.




 What would the sea look like? What might you see? 

What might you hear?

What might you smell? 

How would you feel? 

What colours would there be?

I can draw the setting described in the story.


I can label the setting using descriptive phrases.