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Lesson 1

Where the wilds things are 


The outcome for the unit: Rewrite the story of where the wild things are. 


LO: I can say and write descriptive phrases.


Learning - PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria 

Spelling and grammar: using the suffix - er.

Can you try and use this in your writing? 


Use Day 1 pdf with plan


1. Read the story again. Use a range of describing/adjectives words to describe the pictures as you read.

2. Watch video of wild forest for 2 minutes.

Children to come up with descriptive phrases for wild forest setting they have just watched. 

3. Explain to children that today they will be using a picture from the story and will be writing descriptive phrases to go with it. 


Have the picture of the setting stuck to a piece of paper and ask children to brainstorm different describing words/phrases for the setting and label the picture with these words. Make sure to use colour size and texture. 

         Encourage children to come up with exciting describing words that will grab the reader’s attention. 

        (This will help them to write a short narrative in the next lesson.)  


What can you see in this setting? 


What colours can you see? 


How big/small is it? 


What can you hear? 



I can name objects in the picture


I can use a describing word to describe the object 







Picture 1