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Lesson 1

 The Snail and the Whale  


The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animals viewpoint

LO: I can change the main character in the story


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar – Grammar using exclamations marks to demarcate a sentence:

Recap what an exclamation sentence contains:

exclamation sentences must start with ‘how’ or ‘what’

Use day 1 pdf with plan

  1. Introduce the task: the children will create their own story in the same style about another small creature who embarks on a journey with the whale
  2. Perhaps one of those illustrated on the cover of the book for example, The Crab and the Whale or The Fish and the Whale.
  3. Go through possible ideas write on paper.
  4. Choose one animal and model using post it how to change, by placing the post it note on story map.
  5. Encourage children to have a go at retelling. 

Activity:  Use post it notes to draw/write a name of your new character and then retell your story to your adult.



What small creature can you think of?

What creature will you choose?


Do you remember the order of the story?

What happened at the beginning?

What happened in the middle?

What happened at the end?



I have a new title


I have a new animal in my story


I can retell the story with a new animal