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Lesson 1

LO: I can write in role

Listen to story again

/read using the powerpoint


Writing a diary entry

Parent to model writing in role as Gregory -

Arriving in Tobago and meeting his grandparents

Emphasise writing in the past tense. Include description of what he saw on arrival. How he felt when he met his grandparents, his first impressions when he got to the house.

Demonstrate how to change tense for final sentences about what he hopes tomorrow will bring.


Write a diary entry in the role of Gregory. Their entries should address the following points in the story:

- Arriving in Tobago and meeting his grandparents

- The first night

Remember to:

Start with Dear diary

Write in the 1st person – use I

Write about what happened using he past tense

Write about your feelings as well as describing what you saw

Write about you hopes for the next day