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Lesson 1

The Three Bears 


The outcome for the unit: Learn to retell a story and write a traditional story.

LO: I can retell a story


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar

Recap suffixes – er, ed, ing


Use day 1 powerpoint with plan


  1. Tell the children that we are going to be looking at a new story. The Goldilocks and the three bears.
  2. First time - read the story all the way through using PowerPoint visuals -  and use story actions.
  3. See how many story words the children can remember.
  4. Play simon says using story actions – ‘Simon Says Once upon a time!’
  5. Second time reading the story Create story map drawing pictures to show main events and add story words.  


Children to retell story with masks to someone at home.


Who is in the story?

Where is the story set?

What part do you like?

What part don't you like?

Do you remember any story words?

Do you remember any story actions?

What happened at the beginning of the story?

What happened in the middle of the story?

What happened at the end of the story?


I can say who is in the story


I can say where the story takes place