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Lesson 1

Focus Book The Princess and the White bear King

Your child is either going to love doing this or find it challenging!!

If they find it challenging. They can try and add detail to ten part example and try to retell it from that. We know this is a big ask so praise

their efforts yes

If they know the story well we are sure they will want to give it a go  smiley


Lesson 1 LO I can divide the story into chapters

Read the story or ask an adult to read it to you

Retell the story using your map from last week.

Plot out the main events of the story, ensuring they are organised into chronological (time) order, checking with your story map.

Re-sort these so that they fit into no more than ten main sections (see suggested 10 parts).

Think of a heading to fit each of these sections and decide where each chapter will begin and where it will end (remembering adverbials practised from last week). If you get stuck look at the example


Plot out the story into 10 parts – write where will chapter begin and end

or use prepared 10 chapter headings and sort into the correct order.

Remember to:

Decide the main events

Think of a heading

Put them in order

Retell the story


If you get stuck

ten part example