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Lesson 1

Focus Book One night far from here

Lesson 1 LO I can make choices and explain why

Look at the front cover of the book and read the blurb.



Explain ‘bestiary’. Explain to the children that it is about animals and where they live (habitats)

Link to science topic – animals and their habitats

Watch the video at:


and discuss locations seen and what animals might live in those areas.

Use the end papers from the book, entitled Which Creatures Did You Spot?



to think about how we might sort and classify these animals. You could use some prompts such as live on land, live on sea, can fly, have fur to aid their thinking.

Make a list of possible habitats


sort animals into where they live (template) forest, ocean, savannah, other

Explain their thinking

Remember to:

Think about where the animal comes from

Think about what it looks like

Make a decision

Give a reason why