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Week 1

Our science topic is Animals including humans

Week 1 I understand that animals including humans have offspring which grow into adults.

Introduce the topic for the half term.


What is offspring? Ask your child for suggestions. Then explain offspring is when humans and animals reproduce and have a baby.


Explain all living things reproduce including plants (link to life cycle of plants) Babies are often called different names compare to fully grown adults.

Do the quiz


– there are 23 questions pick and choose how many are appropriate- be aware that a baby fox is kit in the quiz but cub and pup are actually acceptable.


Explain that time of life cycles vary depending on the animal examples of turtle, kitten and elephant.

Today we will be looking at the life cycle of a frog - make it very clear that there are many different species of frogs and so each species has a slightly different length of time for its life cycle- however the stages of growth are the same for all frog.

Watch the video


egg-tadpole-tadpole with 2 legs- tadpole with 4 legs- froglet- frog.


Metamorphosis occurs when a froglet turns onto a fully grown frog.


Draw the pictures of the life cycle of a frog in the correct order.


Try to write an explanation for each stage of growth.

Explain why a frog has to lay its eggs in the water and not on land.


Children to watch a short video on life cycle of the chicken - How does this compare to life cycle of a frog?