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Week 1

Our Geography topic is Brighton and St Lucia

Week 1 LO:I can describe the human and physical features of a place (Brighton)

Introduce this half term’s Geography topic. We will be looking at and comparing two different seaside locations. One is Brighton, here in the UK. The other is in the Caribbean.


Work through the powerpoint looking at the location and landmarks.




Watch the short video clip which gives an idea of these different locations on film.


Ask the children for their first impressions.

They should know

  • Brighton is a tourist resort/destination.
  • Brighton has a temperate climate
  • Brighton has a shingle beach
  • Landmarks: shingle beach, the pier, Brighton pavilion, i360 observation tower and North Laine Shopping area

Go through how to fill in the features table (two columns entitled physical features and human features).


Children to fill Human and physical features table

Physical features

Human features















Get the children to answer four questions about Brighton. 

How would you get there?

What would you do there in the morning?

Where would you eat?

What would you do there in the afternoon?