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Lesson 1

How tortoise got his shell


The outcome for the unit: Retell the story of how the tortoise got his shell. 


LO: I can listen to a story and talk about it. 


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria 

1. Introduce a new story. This is a story about how the very first tortoise got his shell. 


2. Read the story through once and ask children their opinion on the character of the tortoise.


3. Read through the story again.


4. Create a story map together ( see below for an idea) 


5. Retell the story using the story map.








How did tortoise get his shell?

Why do you think tortoise believed crow?

What kind of character do you think tortoise is? 

How did tortoise feel at the end of the story?

Do you think what tortoise chose to do was a smart decision? 

What was your favourite part?

What was your least favourite part?







I can say who is in the story.

I can say where the story takes place.

I can say which part I liked/didn’t like.








Story: How tortoise got his shell.  



Once upon a time the birds did not know how to fly. But one day crow discovered that if he flapped his wings, he soared high above the trees.


First he told tiger but tiger just roared!

Next he told elephant but elephant just blew his trumpet!

After that he told giraffe but giraffe just laughed!

Finally he told his friend tortoise who believed him.


So the two friends decided to climb to the top of the mountain to show all the birds how to fly.


So they climbed and they climbed and they climbed till they came to the top of the mountain.


First crow jumped off the mountain and spread his wings so that he soared high above the clouds.


All the birds cheered noisily!


Then silly old tortoise decided to help his friend so he too jumped off the top.


At that moment he realised that he did not have any wings. He tumbled down and down and down …. Until he smashed on the rocks below.


Immediately all the birds of the air flew down to help tortoise.


And so it is to this very day that you can still see where all the birds of the air put tortoise’s shell back together again piece by piece. 



Story map