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Lesson 2

Australian Information book 


The outcome for the unit: Create an Australian information book.


L.O. I can identify the features of an information text


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar: using the prefix - un

Can you try and use this in speech?


Use Day 2 pdf with plan


1. Recap with children features of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

Ask: How can we tell if the book is fiction/non-fiction by looking at the front cover? What does it tell us? 

2. Ask children to have a look at the front cover of books and sort them into fiction and non-fiction (5 mins activity1 ) 

3. Discuss what children have noticed/ what they already know

4. Discuss some of the features of an information text e.g. Contents, index, glossary. Explain how an information text helps us to answer the questions we may have about different topics.  

5.  Main Activity 

Children will be asked to look at a selection of non-fiction texts and use a tick sheet to identify features of one of the non-fiction text.





What features do you remember from a fiction book? 

What features do you remember from a non-fiction book?

What does the front cover tell us? 

What have you noticed from the books?








I have identified the contents page of a book. 


I have identified the index of a book. 


 I have identified diagrams and labels. 


I have identified if a book is a fiction or non-fiction.