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Lesson 2

Lesson 2 LO I know that information can be found in different ways

Show them on Google Earth/a globe/ an atlas where Africa is.

Watch the video:  to introduce the African Savannah and some of the associated wildlife to the children. (4:17 secs)

o Where do they think this is?

o What is it like there?

o What animals do the children already know and recognise?

o What do they know or think they know about them, what do they want to find out?

Write questions to show what they would like to find out



Choose some animals seen in the video. Write questions about the animals – what would they like to know about the animals.

Remember to:

Watch the video carefully

Use a question word

Use a question mark


After they have finished

Watch video:

Ask them to reflect on what they can hear and where they think they are.