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Lesson 2


The Snail and the Whale 


The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animals viewpoint

LO: I can give a reason using a full sentence 


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask 

Success Criteria 

Spelling and grammar recap: using the prefix - un

Can you try and use this in speech?

Use day 2 pdf with plan 

1. Reread the story to the point where the snail says ‘I feel so small.’ 

2.Discuss with children what has happened to the snail up to this point in the text.

3. Continue to map the story and snail’s journey 


4. Discuss what the snail means – He has always been small, so what makes him feel extra small now? Encourage the children to articulate their answers in sentences. 

Use sentence prompts to support this: I think the snail feels small because... 

5. ‘I’m too big,’ said the whale. What does the whale mean? Is he always too big or just now?  Encourage the children to give reasons for their ideas and articulate their responses in sentences: I think the whale feels big because... 


Extension task: Extend this with I feel small when… 

or I feel big when…


What makes him feel extra small now?


How can you use what you have learnt today when reading at home?


Why? Ask lots of why questions when reading at home

I can write in a full sentence.


I use because. 


I can give a reason.

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