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Lesson 3

Where the wilds things are 


The outcome for the unit: Rewrite the story of where the wild things are. 


LO: I can describe a character.


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria 

Spelling and grammar: using the suffix - ed.

Can you try and use this in your writing?

1. Read through the story of where the wild things are. Ask children to join in with familiar parts of the story.  

2. Show children image of Max and a wild thing (See below) 

  • Children to brainstorm different describing words for Max and a wild thing e.g. for max scared or confused and for the wild things, grumpy or scary.
  • Prompt children with questions. (see next column) 
  • Encourage children to come up with exciting describing words/adjectives



Stick image of Max/The wild things on a piece of paper. 

Children are going to try and come up with describing words/adjectives for around the image or as a list. ( See below for example) 

How does Max look?

What is Max like?  

How can we describe the wild thing? 








I can name the characters

I can say how a character looks

I can say how a character behaves 





Resources for learning


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