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Lesson 3


The Snail and the Whale 


The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animal’s viewpoint

LO: I can retell a story.


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask 

Success Criteria 


Spelling and grammar: Compound words

Watch the video and play games

Use day 3 pdf with plan 


1. Reread the story, expecting the children to join in with known language/phrases.


2. Talk about each of the places the whale took the snail to and return to the story map started earlier in the teaching sequence.


3. Explain that the main events are the main things that happen and they must be told in the right order for the story to make sense. 


4. Use the story map to support you in orally retelling the story altogether. 


5. Encourage the children to revisit and explore the story by using puppets and illustrations of the scenes in the story to provide a changing backdrop.



With story props for the whale and the snail, children to retell the story to someone at home.


Where did the snail go? 

What did the snail see? 

How did the snail feel? 


What happened first?

What were the main events? 

What happened in the middle? 

What happened at the end? 

I can follow the story map


I can use language from the story


I can retell the story in order