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Lesson 3

 The Magic Porridge Pot 



The outcome for the unit: Learn to retell a story 

LO: I can retell a story and change parts of it


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask 

Success Criteria 


Spelling and grammar recap: using the prefix -

Sentence punctuation.


Use day 3 pdf with plan 

  1. Retell the story with the children again using actions/pictures 
  2. Ask the children questions – (See next column) 
  3. Explain to the children that actually you don’t like porridge so you need to change that part of the story – what other food could they think of? Use sausages as an example 

So the kind old lady gave her a magic sausage pan

4. Read on – what impact does this have on the rest of the story eg ‘Cook little pot, cook’ might change to ‘Fry little pan fry’ what else might need to change? Model how to change this to children. 


Activity: Change the story 

Remember to:

  • Remembered the key events
  • Put the story events in order
  • Chosen a different food and the changed the words that go with it
  • Re-read it to check it all makes sense.
  • Retell the story with your adult using actions.

Do they know what porridge is?

When do we normally eat it?

What other food can you think of instead of porridge? 

I have remembered the key events

I can put story events in order

I have changed the word porridge in my story 



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