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Lesson 3

Where the wilds things are 


The outcome for the unit: Rewrite the story of where the wild things are. 


LO: I can rewrite a story. 


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar: using the suffix - ing, -ed and -er.

Can you try and use this in your writing? 


Use Day 3 ppt with plan


1. Return to the story and review the beginning and middle.

2. Reread and start editing and ask the children to come up with ways to make the story better and more accurate. 

3. Highlight the importance of story language. 

4. Children to then have 5 minutes to edit their own work.

5.Shared write the ending of the story. 



Optional: Use pictures below, children can write next to the pictures to support them with their writing.








What could we change, to make it better?

Have you added describing words?

Are your capital letters and full stops in the correct places? 

Have you used 'and' or 'because' in your sentences? 

Have you started your sentences with different sentence openers? 

What happens in the middle of the story? 

How is max feeling?

How are the wild things feeling?







I can write about Max being lonely 


I can write about Max’s journey home.


I can write the events in order


Remember to:

Use different sentence starters


Use 'and' and 'because'


Use describing words


Use capital letters and full stops and finger spaces


Day 3 notebook

Pictures for story ending

Story words 


Once upon a time 

Early one morning 





After that 

At that moment 




Happily ever after