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Lesson 3 - Consolidation

Australian Information book 


The outcome for the unit: Create an Australian information book.



Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar: using the prefix - un

Can you try and use this in speech?


Use Day 3 pdf with plan


1. Go through 'All about non-fiction text features' PowerPoint. 

2. Recap with children features of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

3. Discuss with children that now all books will have all the text features (refer back to books from previous lessons) 

4.Model to children adding a new text feature to the book "When animals attack" 

5. Activity 1: Children to choose a book and have a go at adding a new text feature to the book (15 minutes task) 

6.  Main Activity 

Children to identify which text features is being described using the word bank to help them.






Have you read a book where you have seen subheadings? 

Did you find it useful? 


What are captions and labels used for? 


Why would the author bold some words in the text? 


Which text feature is missing in this book? 


What text feature would you add? 






I can identify non-fiction text features


I can create my own text feature


I can identify descriptions of different text features.