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Lesson 3

Lesson 3 LO I can record facts on a diagram

Read the opening page that explores the nocturnal wildlife of the African savannah.




Use the illustrations to identify the animals, exploring how to predict which animals are which in the illustrations using the vocabulary given, e.g. ‘Two yellow-winged bats’, ‘The golden silk orb-weaver and its web’. Ask questions that help to provoke thinking, such as ‘Can you see an animal that might make a web?’.

Extend thinking and vocabulary by asking children extended questions, e.g:

- What type of animal do you think the king papilio is?

Why do you think that? Link to scientific vocabulary around animal features.

- Why do you think the king papilio wants to avoid the golden silk orb-weaver?

- When are these animals appearing? What is the name for this kind of animal? 

Model creating a diagram


Create a labelled diagram of one of the animals mentioned. Write down the things you know or think you know about the animal.

Remember to:

Name it

Name parts of the animal

Describe parts of the animal

Include facts about the animal