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Lesson 3, 4 5, 6, 7

The Three Bears 


The outcome for the unit: Learn to retell a story and write a traditional story

LO: I can write a traditional story


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar recap: using the prefix - 

Use PDF slides with plan 

  1. Recap with children the story they have been looking at this week.
  2. Tell the children that today they will be rewriting the traditional story of the goldilocks and the three bears.
  3. Ask children to use the story map to help them.
  4. What happened at the beginning of the story?
  5. What story words do you remember?
  6. Model think say orally rehearsing the sentence, counting the number of words to write. Focus on finger spaces. Reread the sentence to check if it makes sense.

Remind the children of resources they can use to help them e.g. story map, sound mats and word mats.


Activity: Write the traditional story of The three bears


Day 3: Write the beginning of the story

Day 4: Edit the beginning/ start writing the middle of the story. 

Day 5: (Monday) Continue the middle of the story and edit. 

Day 6: (Tuesday) Write the ending of the story

Day 7: (Wednesday) Edit your story.


What happened at the beginning of the story?

What happened in the middle of the story?

What happened at the end of the story? 

What characters are in the story? 

Do you remember any story words? 


I have used story words.

I have included characters

I have remembered to use:

Capital letters

Full stops

Finger spaces

Full sentences