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Lesson 3

How tortoise got his shell


The outcome for the unit: Retell the story of how the tortoise got his shell.


LO: I can sequence a story in the correct order. 


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success criteria 

1. Retell the story to your child using the story map. 


2. Go through and talk about the big events of the story and what happened each time. 


3. Model sequencing pictures for children to see.













Which part comes first?

What happens at the beginning of the story?

What animal does the crow meet and why don’t they believe the crow he can fly?

How does the story end? 

Why does the tortoise jump after the crow? 

What did the tortoise realise he did not have? 

What happened to the tortoise? 

Who helped him?


What do the beginning middle and end of a story mean?









I can order the story

I can say what happened first next then after that 

I can retell using story words and actions.



Chn to sequence pictures in the correct story order.









Pictures to sequence

Table for pictures