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Lesson 4

Where the wilds things are 


The outcome for the unit: Rewrite the story of where the wild things are. 



  • I can act in role
  • I can write in role


Learning - PLAN Questions to ask Success criteria 

Spelling and grammar: using the suffix  - ed 

Can you try and use this in your writing?                                                                     


1. Read through the story again this time


Read through the story again this time emphasising how the characters might speak.


2. Explain that today we are going to be max and the wild things from the story. 

(Can use masks for role-play - see below) 


3. Parent to be hot seated as Max and the children to ask max relevant questions. 

  • When being hot seated parent will think about posture, voice, demeanour.  


4. Ask children how they think one of the wild things would sound and sit in a chair.


5. Child to seat in the hot seat and now parents ask questions. 

e.g. why did you choose Max to be king of all wild things? 


6. Explain to children that they will be writing a diary entry in the role of Max. 


7.. Ask children: What is a diary entry? 

  • How do they usually start e.g. Dear diary 
  • Model an example of a diary entry for children writing in role as Max.

E.g. Dear Diary,

you’ll never believe what happened to me today. Today I met some wild things



Why did you choose Max to be king of all wild things? 

How did you feel when he had to leave?

How did you feel in these parts of the story?       


























I have started my diary entry with "Dear diary"


I have written in the first person - use I


I have written in the past tense. 

(Encourage children to use this week's grammar - ed)


I have explained what happened to me. 


I have said how I feel.


I have said what I hope will happen in the future.