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Lesson 4

The Snail and the Whale 


The outcome for the unit: Write the story from a different animal’s viewpoint

LO: I can write the end of my story


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask

Success Criteria

Spelling and grammar: Using exclamation marks. 

Use day 4 pdf with plan 

  1. Reread writing from previous lesson 
  2. Model to children how to edit writing by editing shared writing together. 
  3. Send children off to read their work (the focus for their editing)  Give them 10 minutes to reread and edit
  4. Children to return back to you for       further input.
  5.  After, continue shared writing/talk for writing till the end.


Activity: To continue writing to the end


Once completed - use the marking ladder to check your piece of writing. 



What did we do in our previous lesson? 

Who is your character? 

What happened in the beginning of the story? 

What happened in the middle of the story?

Can you remember the main events? 

What happens at the end of the story?


I have started the story correctly

I have a new animal in my story

I have used words from the story

Have the main events

My events are in order