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Lesson 4

LO: I can compare the characters

Discuss the differences and similarities between Gregory and Lennox.

Re-read parts of the story to confirm or disregard the ideas you came up with.

Model filling in the comparison grids.

Discuss how the experiences of the two boys compare. What are their similarities and differences?


Fill in the comparison grid

                                                                        Comparison grid




He probably eats





He eats

His house could be

His house is

Near his home he might see





Near his home he sees

At home his jobs might be





His jobs are

In his spare time he might





In his spare time he

He wears





He wears


What do we know about Lennox from the text?

What can we work out about Gregory?

Complete the grid and find evidence from the text to back up your choices.


Remember to:

What do you know about both characters?

What can you guess about the characters?

What are the differences?

What are the similarities?