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Lesson 4


Letter to teacher 


LO:I can write a letter


Learning – PLAN

Questions to ask 

Success Criteria 

Go through spelling and tricky words with children.

Use day 4 pdf with plan 


  1. Tell the children that in September they will be moving to Year Two and that the Year Two teacher would like to know about them before meeting them. 
  2. Ask the children what things could they tell their new teacher about themselves/your family?
  3. What other things could you tell them? (what they like to do at school/at home
  4. Model writing the first part of the letter where they introduce and write about themselves. 
  5. Talk about what they like to do at school/home and model writing a question to finish the letter.
  6. Tell the children you will be giving their new teacher the letter to read.


What could you tell your new teacher about yourself? 

What can you tell your new teacher about your family? 

What other things can you tell them? 

What do you like at school?

What do you like at home? 

Is there anything about the Year Two teacher they would like to know? 

I can write in full sentences

I can use different sentence starters

I can use joining words like 'and' or

I can use describing words

I can capital letters and full stops

Resources for learning